What are you celebrating this year?

Whatever sort of year you think you’ve had in 2018, there’s a strong possibility that you can make it better. Even now.

And whatever sort of year you think you’re going to have in 2019, there’s a strong probability that you can make it better. Especially now.


That’s what you’re about to find out!

Click here to download The Slightly Unconventional 2018 Review & 2019 Preview

This e-book will guide you through a series of exercises that will give you an opportunity to explore the highlights and lessons of 2018, and feed those insights into your plans for 2019.

You’re welcome to complete as many or as few of the exercises as you wish, in any order that suits you. Trust your intuition and enjoy the ones that call to you! And perhaps also notice with curiosity any resistance that might arise and what that resistance might be telling you.

Above all, enjoy! You have accomplished more than you think this year – and the possibilities of the new year are even grander than you imagine.

May you have a wonderful year – full of blessings!

Best wishes,

Chyonne x


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