Resilience is the ability to maintain your balance and bounce back during challenging times.

Being: Resilience focuses on developing mental and emotional resilience. It can help people to:

  • Increase awareness about the limiting impact of negative self-talk and how to overcome it

  • Develop skills for having more constructive conversations with colleagues

  • Use moods and emotions as feedback about their thinking

  • Learn strategies for managing unconstructive moods and emotions

  • Establish an appropriate 'conversational rhythm' within teams to monitor wellbeing

  • Approach change as a learning opportunity

Being: Resilience can be delivered as a standalone program to manage stress and avoid burnout, or it can be incorporated into a broad change management project (e.g. an organisational restructure) to proactively manage the emotional impact of the change.

Case study: Supporting a corporate transformation project that involved a significant change to the physical organisation of the client's working spaces as well as the relationships with stakeholders across the business.

Case study: Helping a leadership team to gain a new perspective on the impact of significant operational changes on their teams and manage their communications more effectively.


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Being: the Change offers a powerful and unique resilience-building experience through its bespoke program, Born 2 Sing.

The human brain is hardwired to enjoy singing.

Neuroscience shows that singing activates the brain's pleasure and reward centres. Singing changes our biochemistry and our breathing. From an ontological perspective, singing (and music generally) is a powerful tool for for shifting your Way of Being and increasing your resilience at the same time.

Most people are intimidated by the thought of singing in front of others. But most people also enjoy the way it feels in their bodies when they sing and wish they had the opportunity to let go and improve their voices at the same time. The workshop is structured to lead people naturally through some simple breathing exercises and fun vocal warm-ups that engage the whole body as we build towards singing a few well-known and uplifting songs. Inevitably, people loosen up and quickly begin to enjoy the sense of freedom and happiness that only singing can provide. 

Here's how a past participant described the experience:

"At the start I was very, very intimidated by the others.... By the time we sang a few songs and it was time to stop, I didn't want to go home yet.... I was loving it, still a bit embarrassed and silly, but felt the fun inside.... I could not keep the smile from my face.... Thanks again for a really great night, it really brightened my week."

Vanessa, K&L Gates

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