Well, I’m glad your curiosity brought you to this page. That’s a great sign!

To thank you for attending the recent NAWO event, I’d like to share with you a powerful resource for cultivating curiosity.

It’s a checklist that contains a series of what I call “Learning Inhibitors” and “Learning Enablers”.

The Learning Inhibitors are mindset statements that represent barriers to curiosity and tend to be aligned with having a “fixed mindset”. By identifying and choosing to let go of them, you can enhance your natural curiosity and reduce anxiety or fear. On the other hand, the Learning Enablers are mindset statements that support and enhance curiosity. They tend to be aligned with a “growth mindset” and will help you to lean into uncertainty in any context. This is described in more detail in the checklist.

You can access the checklist by entering your name and email address below.

(The reason I ask for these details is that, if you’re curious enough to request the checklist, I’m guessing that you would also benefit from some of the other great resources that I have developed - and will continue to develop - and share from time to time, including my semi-regular blog posts. You can unsubscribe at any time if the resources aren’t relevant to you.)

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